Animal portraits 6 (Falcon)


One of several falcons kept and well looked after in the Cardiff Castle. The reflection in his eye is of the spectators who came to see him. It was impressive to observe these mighty animals who although being still, due to having the string attached to their legs, appeared to be alert and waiting to be set free.

Travel Photography – Bristol Cathedral






For more information about this historic building click here.

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Leaning Tower in Bristol (Temple Church)









My visit to Bristol was very brief, unfortunately, and I was able to move around the city centre area and everything on the walking distance. Even so, I was able to visit some magnificent historical places, such as this one. From the outside, this appeared to be another very old church (if you oversee its leaning tower) but when I came closer, it was hard not to notice the missing roof and the changed color of the burned stones. This magnificent building was dated in XII century (as a Round Church) and was partially destroyed in WWII. If you are interested in historical facts about this building you can find them here.

If you are not that interested into architecture or history, you can enjoy the serenity of  nature in the Temple Gardens.

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Rapunzel’s Tower in Bristol? Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill

This beautiful tower was constructed in memory of John Cabot,  in late XIX century, 400 years after he set sail in Matthew from Bristol and landed in what was later to become Canada (taken from Wikipedia.)

It is situated between the city centre and another attraction, Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Cabot Tower, view from the ground.

The tower is very high, with its magnificent 105ft. The way up is worth the view, on my opinion, although I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. I personally, couldn’t climb all the way up, due to the stairs being very narrow, steep and dangerous to a certain extent.

There is only one way up and down, with stairways being too narrow for two people walking next to each other, giving the experience very claustrophobic feeling.

Although the tower looks like Rapunzel’s, from the outside, it is needless to say I haven’t seen her. Maybe if I climbed all the way to the top…

Maybe she will be home, when you visit the Cabot Tower 😉


View towards the Bristol University.
View at the Brandon Hill nature reserve.


Tower is surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, with lots of meadows, walking paths and wildlife, especially squirrels, I mean a lot of squirrels. There is also a playground for children and children alike  – very nice swings indeed. 😉 This is just one of the must see places on the walking distance from Bristol city centre. Whether you are up for some excitement (climbing the tower surely gets your adrenaline levels high) or some peace (enjoying the tranquillity of the nature reserve) there is a little something for everyone.

At the end, there are some really nice coffee shops across the Bristol University building. which is very close to Brandon Hill. Even more, the whole Bristol is full of little independent shops, with their authenticity and uniqueness, unlike the big brands, we are somehow (I feel) forced to use, since there is nothing else to choose from.

The experience of the whole city was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to go back there someday.

Narrow stairways leading towards the top of the tower.

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Music is life – Product photography 1

Guitar close up
Flute fantasy
Magical trumpet


Nothing can move the strings of the soul as a beautiful music from real, live instruments (except maybe – most likely -nature).

Photos are under a copyright of  NKH10 Photography. Original size photos will be soon available here.

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Sunday blues…

It often crosses my mind, but especially on Sundays ( when I look through my window and jazz is playing so softly, from my stereo)… what would it be like, if I was sitting on the porch of a cottage by the seaside and looking at the waves… big waves crashing on the rocks by the sand beach, full of shells and birds flying across the ocean. And the bunch of freshly picked bananas resting on the table. Warm, refreshing wind is gently caressing my face and playing with my long hair.

I could smell the ocean, feel the sun on my skin, feel the taste of sweet freshly picked bananas, so smooth and soft, melting in my mouth. The seagulls’ calls blending with the sound of the waves…what a perfect harmony!

Then something always happens, I open my eyes and see THIS…


Then I realize, all I can hear is unnerving sound of cars, trucks, rushing, even on Sunday. The cold wind is battering my face and hair…my poor hair, unpleasantly flying everywhere as if it is trying to break free from this torture… Smell of polluted air, teasing my nostrils. And no, there are no bananas. You can buy some from Tesco-s though, if you can wait few days till they ripen, to be eatable.

Almost forgot about the seagulls. There are seagulls in the city, lots of seagulls, considered for the pests. Scavenging the food from the containers… What a nice image…

Maybe it’s all that jazz, or lack of colours around me…but often on Sunday, it comes across my mind, what would it be like… if I was somewhere nice… somewhere warm, even for a moment, only in my thoughts…

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As we are approaching spring… Wait, are we nearly there yet??

Falling snowflakes
Idyllic winter street scenery
Nope, it’s not a lightroom filter, those are the real snowflakes.
Beautiful snowy scenery

…Dashing through the snow, on one horse… wait, it’s not THAT time of the year. It’s nearly spring. Are we nearly there yet? Winter: No.  …

ARE we nearly there yet?  Winter: Nope. 😦

While it is nothing unusual for March to give us some snow… BUT, after beautiful above ten degrees on Thursday and Friday… Little beast No 2 ”attacks” UK. Again…

Now, seriously… ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET? 🙏 🙏

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Places to visit in Birmingham, UK (family friendly) Woodgate Valley Country Park

Living in a big city? Tired of noise and crowd? Looking for a place in the nature, you can spend some time alone or alone with someone you choose? Woodgate Valley Country Park is an excellent choice for that. More information about location and what you can do here, you can find if you click on the following link.

”Woodgate Valley Country Park is a 450 acre area of countryside in the centre of Bartley Green and Quinton. There are many mixed, mature hedgerows, meadows, woodland, and small ponds. The Bournbrook runs through the park. Over 250 species of plants have been found at Woodgate Valley, the damp meadow areas being especially rich and producing wonderful displays of wild flowers in spring and summer. The meadows also attract many kinds of butterflies and over 90 species of birds have been recorded in the park.” (information retrieved from Woodgate Valley Country Park website.)

Main entrance to the park and the car park

Park is a real nature reserve. It is consisted of several walk tracks/horse trails.

A beautiful meadow by the children’s playground.
Walking path





Not only that you can find beautiful, untouched nature, in the country park, but you can also see some farm animals. The entrance fee for adults is only a POUND. On the farm you can see various types of geese, chicken, rooster, two bunnies, two goats, pig etc.

One of two goats on the farm.



Long story short, this is a beautiful place to visit during spring or summer holidays or as a weekend getaway with friends and family.

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Animal Portraits 4 (Beautiful Farm Animals – close up)

A goat
Snack time.
Chinese Goose
Chinese Goose in the pond
The Rooster head close up
Chinese Goose – head close up with the muddy background
Chinese Goose close up
Hen head close up
Close encounter with the Chinese Goose.

The animal portraits were taken on the farm by the country park in Birmingham. Hope you enjoy my animal portraits. Thanks for stopping by.

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The spring is finally here!

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After the long snowy winter and some really dull, gray skies, this weekend, it was finally sunny for a while. This set of photos was taken in a local country park and is consisted of early spring flowers close ups.

Hope you enjoy my sunlit flower pictures.

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Beautiful Flowers – In anticipation of spring

After very cold two weeks, the sun is finally showing its face, at least for a little while. Some of the flowers have survived the cold, snow storm and have shown their little heads. Looking forward to some nicer weather, I have looked through my last years archive for some flower photos.

Pulsatilla vulgaris
Peruvian Lily
Milk Thistle


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Amazing Plants 1

Needless to say, but I still have to say it, nature is absolutely amazing. Especially plants. Besides being so beautiful and being a part of the Earth’s respiratory system, in the big cities, they are thriving on some of the most unusual places.

No matter how hard people try to urbanize, every single spot, the amazing plants will find their magical way to grow, even in the very harsh conditions of a big city.

The plant growing out of the Bull Ring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, UK

The plant on the picture above, is growing near the very top of the modern building, which is a shopping centre. I bet, not many people have noticed this, since I had to hold my camera pretty high in order to take this shot.


This beautiful, single, isolated poppy flower, was growing by the construction site fence.


Another construction site. The one and only flower growing in the very harsh conditions.


And something a little bit  different, a clover plant in the pot. It was bought as a lucky clover, but somehow it grew just the regular three leaf clovers, until after a while… few occasional lucky clovers started to appear. In case you think having a clover plant in a pot is funny, just to let you know, I also have some garlic planted as well (it started to sprout and I just couldn’t throw it in the bin, so I planted it).

Isn’t  nature just wonderful?

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