A Story behind the image – My photo adventure!

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Every image tells its story with each shade of its colour and every shadow.

But is that the only story it tells us?

Although, there is a story, we all can see by looking at the photo in front of us, the open and upfront story, the emotion, the message entailed in the imagery of the photograph, there is also a hidden, often untold story behind every single image.

What story could that be, maybe you are asking yourself right now?

It is a story of an adventure, hidden behind the creation of the image, known only to its creator – the photographer.

A Runaway… squirrel

Squirrel stretching
A story we see: A cute little squirrel coming down the tree trunk.

If you are also doing Wildlife photography, than you might be familiar with several techniques every professional has to master.

The most popular technique, used only by the best, is the TECHNIQUE of CRAWLING and CREEPING. While I was practicing this mighty craft of creeping amongst the fallen leaves, trying to do a close up of a squirrel stretching on the tree trunk, in the local park, I heard a squeaky voice of a boy: “Mummy, mummy look, a squirrel!!!”

It is needless to say that the furry little squirrel didn’t feel like stretching anymore. It ran away, faster than the flash goes off on my camera.

The boy cried out: “Mum, look, it’s gone now! Did you see it?!”

We’ll, since I was the mum in this story, all I could say was:”Really? Haven’t noticed a thing…”


A close encounter

The swan
The close (I mean really close) encounter with a swan.

As I have spotted two beautiful white swans on the lake, just by the shore, I came closer and got in the squatting position. I was moving closer and closer in the same position and taking the photos at the same time. At one point when I got by the water, nearby ducks (pretty big ones) and a swan got curious and decided to get out of the water and went towards me.

As the ducks were passing literally next to me I didn’t move, keeping an eye contact with  a swan. The photo on the left was taken as the swan was stood right in front of me. He was observing me as I was watching him, surrounded by the ducks, which were staring at me with their questioning looks.

At the time I didn’t know if they were going to attack me, or just came to say Hello. I decided to stay calm and don’t make any sudden movements, while still taking photos of the swan stood in front of me. Suddenly, they just decided to get on with their own business, assured that I don’t mean any harm. (”Just another funny human with a big camera,” they might have thought.)

This is just one of the experiences I will never forget. I felt connection with the nature. That connection, we are slowly losing every day, more and more with our unhuman artificial lives, imposed on us. People are a part of the nature as well, just we are  forgetting (somehow) who we are.

How deep is your love (towards photography)??

Kawika Singson withstood the intense heat of a lava flow and allowed himself to be set alight in order to get this photograph on top of a Hawaii volcano. (Borrowed from the Daily Mail Website)


My experiences (SO FAR) are nowhere near so extreme, such as the one on the photo above.

Feel free to share in the comment:  How far did you go to get a great shot?  

What is the story behind your photography?

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to share some of your photos and the stories behind them.