Rapunzel’s Tower in Bristol? Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill

This beautiful tower was constructed in memory of John Cabot,  in late XIX century, 400 years after he set sail in Matthew from Bristol and landed in what was later to become Canada (taken from Wikipedia.)

It is situated between the city centre and another attraction, Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Cabot Tower, view from the ground.

The tower is very high, with its magnificent 105ft. The way up is worth the view, on my opinion, although I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. I personally, couldn’t climb all the way up, due to the stairs being very narrow, steep and dangerous to a certain extent.

There is only one way up and down, with stairways being too narrow for two people walking next to each other, giving the experience very claustrophobic feeling.

Although the tower looks like Rapunzel’s, from the outside, it is needless to say I haven’t seen her. Maybe if I climbed all the way to the top…

Maybe she will be home, when you visit the Cabot Tower 😉


View towards the Bristol University.
View at the Brandon Hill nature reserve.


Tower is surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, with lots of meadows, walking paths and wildlife, especially squirrels, I mean a lot of squirrels. There is also a playground for children and children alike  – very nice swings indeed. 😉 This is just one of the must see places on the walking distance from Bristol city centre. Whether you are up for some excitement (climbing the tower surely gets your adrenaline levels high) or some peace (enjoying the tranquillity of the nature reserve) there is a little something for everyone.

At the end, there are some really nice coffee shops across the Bristol University building. which is very close to Brandon Hill. Even more, the whole Bristol is full of little independent shops, with their authenticity and uniqueness, unlike the big brands, we are somehow (I feel) forced to use, since there is nothing else to choose from.

The experience of the whole city was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to go back there someday.

Narrow stairways leading towards the top of the tower.

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Music is life – Product photography 1

Guitar close up
Flute fantasy
Magical trumpet


Nothing can move the strings of the soul as a beautiful music from real, live instruments (except maybe – most likely -nature).

Photos are under a copyright of  NKH10 Photography. Original size photos will be soon available here.

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As we are approaching spring… Wait, are we nearly there yet??

Falling snowflakes
Idyllic winter street scenery
Nope, it’s not a lightroom filter, those are the real snowflakes.
Beautiful snowy scenery

…Dashing through the snow, on one horse… wait, it’s not THAT time of the year. It’s nearly spring. Are we nearly there yet? Winter: No.  …

ARE we nearly there yet?  Winter: Nope. 😦

While it is nothing unusual for March to give us some snow… BUT, after beautiful above ten degrees on Thursday and Friday… Little beast No 2 ”attacks” UK. Again…

Now, seriously… ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET? 🙏 🙏

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Animal Portraits 2 (Cute Panda Photos)


Doing Wildlife photography takes time, patience and most of all love, love for nature and animals. This cute red panda photo set, was taken in a zoo. Unlike many animals I have seen, pandas seemed to be happy in their habitat. They were roaming around, running through the grass and eating bamboo leaves attached to the trunks in their enclosure.

Lunch time 🙂

This zoo has a high, thick glass wall around the panda enclosure and taking photos through the glass was not the option due to lot of stains and spots on it. In order to take the shot, I had to hold the camera as high as I could, sometimes standing on the tip of my toes. Luckily, at the time, I was using very light telephoto 80-300mm lense.

Yummy Bamboo leaves, almost gone…

One of my favourite is the photo (below) of the panda sunbathing on the tree trunk. He was set down, while leaning on one of the brunches next to him. His beautiful fur was so shiny that the photo appears over exposed.

Cute, fluffy Red Panda Bear resting on the tree

The last, but not the least, although already included in the previous post, the photo of panda hiding in the grass.

Shy Little Red Panda Bear Hiding in the grass

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In case you are wondering, my full sized photos you can by on Shutterstock.

Manchester UK and must see places, if you like historic landmarks, or a little bit of Ghost Hunting

1. Rylands Library


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”The John Rylands Library was founded by Enriqueta Rylands in memory of her husband John Rylands. In 1889 the architect Basil Champneys designed the striking gothic building, which took ten years to build and was opened to public readers on 1 January 1900.”(Information taken from the Library website.)

It is opened 7 DAYS A WEEK. The entrance is completely FREE and you are welcome, whether you want to use the actual library or just enjoy the XIX century vybe, which is in my experience absolutely amazing, if you are looking for a quiet oasis amidst the noisy city. The library is situated in the heart of the Manchester City. The information about its location and what is currently on, you can find here.

2. Chethams Music School and Library


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This beautiful building is situated in the North East part of the city centre and besides being a library it is still used as a Music School. How amazing it is, to have your lessons in such a building!  ”It was built in 1421 to accommodate a college of priests and remains one of the most complete medieval complexes to survive in the north west of England. Chetham’s Library, which was founded in 1653, is the oldest surviving public library in Britain.” (Information taken from the library website). More information about its history if you are a history geek like me) you can find here. 

Besides paying a visit for FREE (donation suggested, totally worth it) you can also GET MARRIED in this historic building from XV century. How ROMANTIC is that!!

3. Ordsall Hall, Salford Greater Manchester


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Anybody up for a GhOST HUNT? Look no further! This hidden gem is said to be a home of few ghosts. They even have organized Ghost Nights.

”Ordsall Hall has had a long and interesting history with many different uses since it was first mentioned in records in 1177! Today, it is a welcoming and friendly historic house telling the story of the Hall and some of the people who made it their home.

There is so much to do and discover! Dress up as a Tudor, try on some chainmail, discover some of the foods that would have been cooked at the Hall in the 1500s, pretend you are having a feast around the table in our Great Hall, find out about the Pre-Raphaelite artist who lived here, listen to the story of the 450 year old Radclyffe bed, chat to our friendly staff and volunteers, visit our allotment and herb garden, explore the sculptures in the gardens and much, much more.” (Information taken from the website.)

Another absolutely stunning place with NO ENTRANCE FEE. Besides ghost hunting, you can have a drink or a snack in an authentic coffee shop, enjoy spending time in a beautiful garden, buy a gift in a Gift Shop or Get Married.

Hope you enjoyed this little time travel. Thanks for stopping buy!


A Story behind the image – My photo adventure!

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Every image tells its story with each shade of its colour and every shadow.

But is that the only story it tells us?

Although, there is a story, we all can see by looking at the photo in front of us, the open and upfront story, the emotion, the message entailed in the imagery of the photograph, there is also a hidden, often untold story behind every single image.

What story could that be, maybe you are asking yourself right now?

It is a story of an adventure, hidden behind the creation of the image, known only to its creator – the photographer.

A Runaway… squirrel

Squirrel stretching
A story we see: A cute little squirrel coming down the tree trunk.

If you are also doing Wildlife photography, than you might be familiar with several techniques every professional has to master.

The most popular technique, used only by the best, is the TECHNIQUE of CRAWLING and CREEPING. While I was practicing this mighty craft of creeping amongst the fallen leaves, trying to do a close up of a squirrel stretching on the tree trunk, in the local park, I heard a squeaky voice of a boy: “Mummy, mummy look, a squirrel!!!”

It is needless to say that the furry little squirrel didn’t feel like stretching anymore. It ran away, faster than the flash goes off on my camera.

The boy cried out: “Mum, look, it’s gone now! Did you see it?!”

We’ll, since I was the mum in this story, all I could say was:”Really? Haven’t noticed a thing…”


A close encounter

The swan
The close (I mean really close) encounter with a swan.

As I have spotted two beautiful white swans on the lake, just by the shore, I came closer and got in the squatting position. I was moving closer and closer in the same position and taking the photos at the same time. At one point when I got by the water, nearby ducks (pretty big ones) and a swan got curious and decided to get out of the water and went towards me.

As the ducks were passing literally next to me I didn’t move, keeping an eye contact with  a swan. The photo on the left was taken as the swan was stood right in front of me. He was observing me as I was watching him, surrounded by the ducks, which were staring at me with their questioning looks.

At the time I didn’t know if they were going to attack me, or just came to say Hello. I decided to stay calm and don’t make any sudden movements, while still taking photos of the swan stood in front of me. Suddenly, they just decided to get on with their own business, assured that I don’t mean any harm. (”Just another funny human with a big camera,” they might have thought.)

This is just one of the experiences I will never forget. I felt connection with the nature. That connection, we are slowly losing every day, more and more with our unhuman artificial lives, imposed on us. People are a part of the nature as well, just we are  forgetting (somehow) who we are.

How deep is your love (towards photography)??

Kawika Singson withstood the intense heat of a lava flow and allowed himself to be set alight in order to get this photograph on top of a Hawaii volcano. (Borrowed from the Daily Mail Website)


My experiences (SO FAR) are nowhere near so extreme, such as the one on the photo above.

Feel free to share in the comment:  How far did you go to get a great shot?  

What is the story behind your photography?

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to share some of your photos and the stories behind them.






Beautiful Blue sky just before the storm on Sunday

Here is some of my work, the photos made completely by surprise, through the window of my living room. The weather was changing so rapidly, from sunny blue sky to dark gray hailstorm clouds and than surprisingly back again to heaven-like blue.

Shades of Blue clouds
Heavenly blue sky before the hailstorm
Another photo of heavenly blue sky
Sunrays trying to break through the thick clouds
Gray sky
”There’s no sun up in the sky, stormy weather”

Feel free to drop a line in the comment or share the link to your work.

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