Attachment to material possessions and people (Things that hold us back)


Even if you think of yourself as a non-material person, try to imagine this:

You are crossing a busy road on the flashing green light. As you are running across the street, your smartphone (let’s make it more interesting – your Iphone) drops  on the cold, hard concrete in the middle of the road. You have to carry on running, because you see the cars going towards you, as the traffic light had changed to green.

If you have decided that you do not want to die because of your phone, keep reading…

The moment you step on the safe ground, you turn around in horror and see your beloved Iphone being run over, multiple times; crushed into pieces, shattered across the gray, concrete road, as you are watching it happen, completely helpless.

Do you feel the pain?  That sharp stab in your heart? Sure you do. That is attachment.

PS. This is not an Iphone sponsored content.   😁😀