Hi, my name is Nikole Kelly Hill…   🙂

As an introvert I found somewhat hard to fill in this page, because I don’t really like to talk about myself. Oh well… I’ll try anyway…

I like to think about myself as a Renaissance person or a Multipotentialite, since I have pursued so many interests in my life but simply can’t choose one.

For a good part of my life I was a musician (playing several instruments) and a singer (also did some composing)… Music Teacher, Vocal Coach, Educator, Interpreter, Astrologer, PR… changed many jobs and simply could not find one single profession that puts all parts of my personality together – there was always a missing piece. What scares me the most, is an idea of a 9 to 5, five-days-a-week type of job without any creativity whatsoever. Being practical is not my thing. Nobody ever accused of being practical! Creative however, that is another thing.

I like to read and write about philosophy, psychology, alternative lifestyle, travelling and photography (99.99% of photos on my blog are copyrighted by NKH10 Photography and are not free to use and share without my permission).

Thanks for stopping by.

Nikole 🙂

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