Rapunzel’s Tower in Bristol? Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill

This beautiful tower was constructed in memory of John Cabot,  in late XIX century, 400 years after he set sail in Matthew from Bristol and landed in what was later to become Canada (taken from Wikipedia.)

It is situated between the city centre and another attraction, Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Cabot Tower, view from the ground.

The tower is very high, with its magnificent 105ft. The way up is worth the view, on my opinion, although I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. I personally, couldn’t climb all the way up, due to the stairs being very narrow, steep and dangerous to a certain extent.

There is only one way up and down, with stairways being too narrow for two people walking next to each other, giving the experience very claustrophobic feeling.

Although the tower looks like Rapunzel’s, from the outside, it is needless to say I haven’t seen her. Maybe if I climbed all the way to the top…

Maybe she will be home, when you visit the Cabot Tower 😉


View towards the Bristol University.
View at the Brandon Hill nature reserve.


Tower is surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, with lots of meadows, walking paths and wildlife, especially squirrels, I mean a lot of squirrels. There is also a playground for children and children alike  – very nice swings indeed. 😉 This is just one of the must see places on the walking distance from Bristol city centre. Whether you are up for some excitement (climbing the tower surely gets your adrenaline levels high) or some peace (enjoying the tranquillity of the nature reserve) there is a little something for everyone.

At the end, there are some really nice coffee shops across the Bristol University building. which is very close to Brandon Hill. Even more, the whole Bristol is full of little independent shops, with their authenticity and uniqueness, unlike the big brands, we are somehow (I feel) forced to use, since there is nothing else to choose from.

The experience of the whole city was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to go back there someday.

Narrow stairways leading towards the top of the tower.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nikole x


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