Sunday blues…

It often crosses my mind, but especially on Sundays ( when I look through my window and jazz is playing so softly, from my stereo)… what would it be like, if I was sitting on the porch of a cottage by the seaside and looking at the waves… big waves crashing on the rocks by the sand beach, full of shells and birds flying across the ocean. And the bunch of freshly picked bananas resting on the table. Warm, refreshing wind is gently caressing my face and playing with my long hair.

I could smell the ocean, feel the sun on my skin, feel the taste of sweet freshly picked bananas, so smooth and soft, melting in my mouth. The seagulls’ calls blending with the sound of the waves…what a perfect harmony!

Then something always happens, I open my eyes and see THIS…


Then I realize, all I can hear is unnerving sound of cars, trucks, rushing, even on Sunday. The cold wind is battering my face and hair…my poor hair, unpleasantly flying everywhere as if it is trying to break free from this torture… Smell of polluted air, teasing my nostrils. And no, there are no bananas. You can buy some from Tesco-s though, if you can wait few days till they ripen, to be eatable.

Almost forgot about the seagulls. There are seagulls in the city, lots of seagulls, considered for the pests. Scavenging the food from the containers… What a nice image…

Maybe it’s all that jazz, or lack of colours around me…but often on Sunday, it comes across my mind, what would it be like… if I was somewhere nice… somewhere warm, even for a moment, only in my thoughts…

Thanks for stopping by…


11 thoughts on “Sunday blues…”

  1. Hi Nikole,
    Your post reminds me to carpe diem seize the day and get to the beach more often. It’s only 700 metres away. Like so many things, even dreams, they’re almost in our fingertips and yet we don’t grab hold.
    I also appreciated what you said about bananas, It annoys me that I can only buy them green and it’s difficult to gauge when they’re ripe enough for my smoothies and it’s a very fine line between that and going off. Your idea of ripe bananas picked straight from the tree sounded very appealing.
    xx Rowena

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  2. Hi Rowena, thank you for your comment. I agree with you, sometimes the things we want the most are closer than we think, but we still don’t make the effort. In my case however, even if I was on the beach…well, I live in England.πŸ˜€ No ripen bananas for me any time soon… πŸ˜’ Unless… Maldives here I come!! 🍌 (One day…)


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