Places to visit in Birmingham, UK (family friendly) Woodgate Valley Country Park

Living in a big city? Tired of noise and crowd? Looking for a place in the nature, you can spend some time alone or alone with someone you choose? Woodgate Valley Country Park is an excellent choice for that. More information about location and what you can do here, you can find if you click on the following link.

”Woodgate Valley Country Park is a 450 acre area of countryside in the centre of Bartley Green and Quinton. There are many mixed, mature hedgerows, meadows, woodland, and small ponds. The Bournbrook runs through the park. Over 250 species of plants have been found at Woodgate Valley, the damp meadow areas being especially rich and producing wonderful displays of wild flowers in spring and summer. The meadows also attract many kinds of butterflies and over 90 species of birds have been recorded in the park.” (information retrieved from Woodgate Valley Country Park website.)

Main entrance to the park and the car park

Park is a real nature reserve. It is consisted of several walk tracks/horse trails.

A beautiful meadow by the children’s playground.
Walking path





Not only that you can find beautiful, untouched nature, in the country park, but you can also see some farm animals. The entrance fee for adults is only a POUND. On the farm you can see various types of geese, chicken, rooster, two bunnies, two goats, pig etc.

One of two goats on the farm.



Long story short, this is a beautiful place to visit during spring or summer holidays or as a weekend getaway with friends and family.

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