Amazing Plants 1

Needless to say, but I still have to say it, nature is absolutely amazing. Especially plants. Besides being so beautiful and being a part of the Earth’s respiratory system, in the big cities, they are thriving on some of the most unusual places.

No matter how hard people try to urbanize, every single spot, the amazing plants will find their magical way to grow, even in the very harsh conditions of a big city.

The plant growing out of the Bull Ring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, UK

The plant on the picture above, is growing near the very top of the modern building, which is a shopping centre. I bet, not many people have noticed this, since I had to hold my camera pretty high in order to take this shot.


This beautiful, single, isolated poppy flower, was growing by the construction site fence.


Another construction site. The one and only flower growing in the very harsh conditions.


And something a little bit  different, a clover plant in the pot. It was bought as a lucky clover, but somehow it grew just the regular three leaf clovers, until after a while… few occasional lucky clovers started to appear. In case you think having a clover plant in a pot is funny, just to let you know, I also have some garlic planted as well (it started to sprout and I just couldn’t throw it in the bin, so I planted it).

Isn’t  nature just wonderful?

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