Animal Portraits 1

Summertime sadness

I absolutely love taking pictures of animals, especially close-ups. So much character can be seen, when having a closer look at these beautiful animals. Some of them love posing, some are hiding in the grass. Occasionally (if not often), true emotions can also been seen, such as sadness, especially in animals who are spending their lives in captivity. This beautiful Crane, on the photo above, appears so dreamy, absent, as if he was imagining some better days when he was free.

Shy Little Red Panda Bear Hiding in the grass


I’m so gorgeous and I love it.

Meerkats are some of my favourite animals. They appear so vain and self assured, more than any other animal I know of. Yet, their glorious posture and facial expressions are always so precious.

Angry Face


Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

Nikole K. Hill


4 thoughts on “Animal Portraits 1”

  1. We have so much to learn from them…Animals, it seems they can easily find their place and purpose in the Universe,they adapt,survive,nurture and most important they don’t hate…they just live without the “if”,because animals,like plants are the energy that gives nature it’s cycles and they accept life like it is…a cycle; Yes, we have to learn to love them and to respect them.


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