Common Misconceptions about introverts: No 2 Introverts are antisocial 

My idea of a perfect home (Most of the time)

Being an Introvert, does not automatically mean being antisocial. We also like spending time with other people, socializing, just on other terms: in a small group of close friends or family on a quiet place, where we can relax.

Just because we don’t feel like chatting with a first total stranger next to us, what we think about the food we are just eating, on the social gathering, IT DOES NOT MAKE US ANTISOCIAL. It just means we don’t like talking for the sake of talking.


For me personally, small talk is a meaningless exchange of words, with no purpose or importance, just for the sake of making a conversation. 

‘Arya alright?’

‘Fine thanks, you?’

‘Yea, great, thanks’

‘Great party.’

‘Yes indeed, great party. Especially the food.’

‘Oh yea. You’re right. The food is amazing. Especially those….what are they called…..?’

(I’ve got the headache just by writing this conversation).

If you are a foodie and love small talk, please don’t be offended, it is so cool and you are amazing. Just, us Introverts simply don’t like it, accept that, PLEASE.  If you talk to us about something meaningful, we will be very happy to share our thoughts and ideas (we have plenty of that).

Another thing that puts me off in a social situation is noise. Lots and lots of noise is surrounding us on a daily basis. I don’t know how my other fellow-introverts feel about this, but for me personally, being in a room with thirty people who are talking at the same time, means hearing thirty voices in my head, while trying to single out that one, telling me about the weather.

Although we love spending hours and hours in the nature, or in our homes, we simply need this, same as you need to have an interaction with other people in order to recharge your energy. 

In other words being an introvert is like being born with ten tokens, while everyone else has a thousand. When we talk, we give our tokens and get nothing in return, while you exchange your tokens with other people. When on a low level of tokens, we HAVE TO take a break and renew our energy, being by ourselves, so we can give tokens again. We love giving tokens; we just have so little. That doesn’t make us antisocial, just very careful with our limited resources. 

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4 thoughts on “Common Misconceptions about introverts: No 2 Introverts are antisocial ”

  1. Dear Nicole, introverts are NOT antisocial; if anything, they grow up asocial, which means that by virtue of being introverts, they don’t acquire normative social skills. However, social skills are learned, just like any other skills, and ultimately, it depends on whether the person (you, in this case) considers those skills important to learn and worth making an effort.
    Love your photography!

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  2. Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂 I totally agree with you Dolly, we, introverts are not anti social, but many people perceive us as such, due to our lack of energy and inability to interact socially as much as it is necessary. That is why it is one of the most common misconceptions about us.

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