Arts and introverted personality traits. Am I an Introvert???

One of my plants (Meant to be a lucky clover).

If you are an artist of any kind, whether it is  photography, music, painting or writing, that means you are spending hours and hours of your free time practicing, writing, painting (or whatever that it is you do), by yourself and mostly in the company of  nobody else but yourself (maybe your cat, or another pet – I have plants). Also, that means that you, most likely, have an Introverted type of personality.

I am not saying that just being an artist makes you an introvert, it takes a little bit more than that. But if you are unsure, here is a simple TEST. It is not  very scientific, but besides a bit fun, it hits some basic points about introverted/extroverted personality traits. Of course, my result was a STRONG INTROVERT, which I am, indeed.   Feel free to write your results in the comment. 

       ”Each person seems to be energized more by either the external world     (extraversion) or the internal world (introversion).” Jung (1921)

Some more information about Introverted/Extroverted Personality traits

  • What makes you feel energized?

    If you are an EXTROVERT, you love spending time out and about, in the crowd of people and with large network of friends. You feel energized after interacting with other people. Small talk is something that comes naturally and when in a room with another person, known or unknown, you will seek for an opportunity to speak to them. Spending your free time alone, or completing a task on your own is boring and tiring for you.

If you are an INTROVERT, you absolutely love spending time by yourself or with a very small group of close friends in a quiet home-like environment. You feel energized when spending time on your own, doing what you like. Small talk is absolutely dreadful for you (I absolutely hate small talk), however talking about something meaningful is fine. When in a room full of people, you will not start a conversation, but rather be in the corner with your phone, looking for an opportunity to leave.

  • How do you deal with problems?

If you are an EXTROVERT, you will  seek other people for comfort and advice. It comes naturally for you to share with other people how you feel and  what you think. It is hard for you to stay alone with your thoughts and emotions and introspection is not really your thing.

If you are an INTROVERT, you will suffer or contemplate about your problem in    silence, far from another human being. It is very hard for you to tell other people what is bothering you and how you are feeling. You are often engaged with your   inner thoughts and introspection is a natural occurrence in your daily life.

  • What is your preferred method of communication?

As an EXTROVERT, you love spending time talking to people in person, but also often make long, long phone calls. You will rather speak to people than write an email.

As an INTROVERT,  your preferred method of communication is email or texting. You absolutely hate long phone calls or talking to people you don’t know, especially if you need to talk about yourself.

  • How do you come up with ideas?

If you are an EXTROVERT, you will speak as you think. In the matter of fact, you come up with ideas as you communicate with other people. Others inspire you, and you love working as a part of the group. If left alone, it is hard for you to concentrate and find new ideas. You are an excellent member of the team.

If you are an INTROVERT, getting ideas out of your rich inner world is no problem at all, BUT you need some time to think before you can verbalize it. In this fast-paced modern world it often means that by the time you are ready to propose your grand idea, the topic of the conversation had already finished. Loud noise and other people are rather blocking you and you are at your best when left alone to complete your task.


These were just some basic information on this topic. I am very curious to hear your thoughts on this. Are you an introvert too? If YES how do you cope with this noisy, extroverted world we live in??  I will write about that in my next post.

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4 thoughts on “Arts and introverted personality traits. Am I an Introvert???”

  1. Yep. Even though I have led an extroverted life as a psychotherapist and mental health director, I have always been a closet introvert. It is why I so valued psychotherapy. Introverts like genuine intimacy. Like one has with the few people one truly trusts, and like what happens in the unburdening trust of psychotherapy.
    I retired early and I refound everything that mattered most to me hadn’t changed since I was a kid like hanging out happily with myself, watching birds and wild things.
    Introverts rock!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Cindy, for your comment and for sharing your experience.
      From our early age, we are taught to seek for others to find comforting, rather to take a pause and introspect. A little bit of silence and nature could do wonders for many people, only if they dared to try it. Of course nothing can replace true, meaningful relationships, which are unfortunately rare.


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